John Deere Application Equipment

Nutrient Application

By applying the right source for your crop needs at the right time you achieve precise placement.

Whatever the needs of the agricultural operation or custom application, whether the conditions are pre or post, wet or dry, spring, summer, or fall — John Deere application equipment have the agronomic benefits and options and producers need to increase performance and uptime, lower their cost of operation, and to excel in an ever changing, competitive market.


Crop Protection

Targeted coverage and timely, apply the proper solution for your infestation.

John Deere’s 4 Series sprayers are created for targeted coverage in narrow application windows to control herbicide resistant weeds and disease pressures. As the most productive and easiest sprayer to use in the field, John Deere’s 4 Series Sprayers provide protection to producers yields in spite of the filed conditions.

Green Line's Sprayer Specialist:

Quentin Cooksley, Commercial Accounts Manager, Hagie, John Deere
Quentin Cooksley
Commercial Accounts Manager
(308) 258-2689