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Green Line Equipment is a progressive and growing ten store John Deere dealership in central and north central Nebraska. We specialize in the sale and service of agricultural and consumer products.

We believe our business is an integral part of a free enterprise system, deserving of the rights and privileges such a system bestows, and accept the obligations and the burdens it imposes. We believe the welfare of mankind and of nations is rooted in the soil, that the farmer is the guardian of that soil, and that as the farmer's equipment dealer, we are the working partner of the farmer. We believe most firmly in the future of this partnership, in it's ability to grow and to prosper in the pursuit of its acknowleged end. We believe that the end is to feed, to clothe, and otherwise to provide provision to people. We believe that belonging to the partnership, we are charged with certain responsibilities including:

1.) Maintaining a current working knowledge of local farming conditions, methods, and opportunities
2.) Providing the equipment and the trained personnel necessary for dependable equipment service
3.) Offer prompt and efficient customer service

We believe that belonging to this partnership is a trust, a trust to be constantly exercised by being a good neighbor, a good citizen, and making Green Line Equipment a great place to do business. If we do this, we believe we will be a good working partner of the twenty first century agriculture producer.


Our History:

1934  -  Alvin Southard (father), and Clarence Southard (son) started a John Deere store in St. Paul, Nebraska and named it Southard Implement

1960  -  Lynos Rerucha marries Sharon Southard, (Clarence's daughter)

1961  -  Lynos Rerucha joins Southard Implement in St. Paul

1967  -  Southard Implement purchases John Deere franchise from Chicago Lumber in Grand Island, Nebraska, and opens new store on W. Hwy 30 in Grand Island

1989  -  Green Line Equipment purchases John Deere dealership in Norfolk, Nebraska

1990  -  Russ Rerucha (Lynos's son), starts work in Grand Island

1994  -  Green Line Equipment purchases John Deere dealership in Plainview, Nebraska

1996  -  Green Line Equipment purchases John Deere dealership in Neligh, Nebraska

1996  -  Green Line Equipment purchases John Deere dealership in Central City, Nebraska

1996  -  Greg Rerucha (Lynos's son), starts work at Norfolk location, later transfers to Grand Island, Nebraska

2002  -  Green Line Equipment purchases John Deere dealership in Aurora, Nebraska

2009  -  Green Line Equipment purchases John Deere dealerships in Albion and Spalding, Nebraska

2012  -  Green Line Equipment builds a new building in Grand Island, Nebraska

2013  -  Green Line Equipment purchases St. Paul Equipment in St. Paul, Nebraska

2015  -  Green Line Equipment becomes Self Propelled Forage Harvest dealer

2017  -  Green Line Equipment purchases Kirschner Implement in Ravenna, Nebraska

2018  -  Green Line Equipment becomes Commercial Application dealer
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