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John Deere Field Connect brings essential data from the field to your fingertips

Producers are continually looking for ways to enhance the performance of their input costs and improve their management decisions. Everything can look good on the surface, but sometimes it’s what you can’t see that costs you. Moisture levels can vary significantly within each field and from field to field. The John Deere Field Connect Soil Moisture Monitoring system offered by Green Line Equipment, is innovative in soil moisture monitoring offerings. This John Deere system offers straightforward help to maximize the optimal spot where crops thrive, resources are monitored, and profits increase. The central point of the John Deere Field Connect system is the ability to precisely measure sub surface moisture and determine how water moves through soil by utilizing five sensors inside the probe.

Field Connect tells you what your crops need when they need it

  • Monitors moisture levels and feeds data to digital platforms accessible via desktop or mobile devices
  • Allows you to make timely irrigation decisions from anywhere
  • Allows you to optimize the crop’s water use efficiency by alerting you when moisture levels in the soil profile are reaching full or refill points
  • Helps eliminate overwatering reducing leaching of nutrients and encouraging uptake of nutrients for better crop heath and increased yields
  • The Field Connect system consists of a moisture probe, environmental sensors, and a gateway to record and send data to the Field Connect website

Moisture Probe

Moisture Probe
John Deere Field Connect™ offers three different moisture probes to match the solution need for a wide variety of crops. With options of 0.5-m, 1.0-m, and 1.5-m, John Deere offers a Capacitance Based solution for shallow rooted crops up to deep rooted crops.
Located in primarily corn and soybean farm country, the 1.0-m probe has been the probe of choice in our area. With one meter, irrigation amounts can be managed to effectively refill a profile of where the crop is drawing moisture. The sum, line, and stacked graphs, show the root-developed depth and moisture uptake.

John Deere Field Connect Environmental SensorsEnvironmental Sensors

John Deere currently offers five environmental sensors to optimize site-specific management solutions:
  • Soil Temperature Probe
  • Rain Gauge
  • Pyranometer
  • Leaf Wetness Sensor
  • Weather Station

The Weather Station can accurately monitor air temperature, wind speed, wind direction, humidity, and calculate reference evapo-transpiration (ET). Through the input of crop emergence date, John Deere Field Connect™ can calculate Growing Degree Units (GDUs). The GDUs appear daily and cumulative on the website and mobile app.While all products provide differentiated value, Green Line Equipment will install a rain gauge with every John Deere Field Connect™ rental.

Web Application

The John Deere Field Connect™ web application was designed to help producers take field data and convert it into easy-to-use actionable information in in graphic form.
  • Can be used on devices with internet connectivity and a web browser
  • Allows producers to utilize desktop and laptop computers, tablets, and smartphones to access information

From the platform, John Deere Field Connect™ is easy to access in a simple login many John Deere customers already use.

Mobile App

The free mobile app for smart phones is compatible with iOS™ and Andriod™ platforms. After it has been downloaded from the App Store it stores login credentials for one year to allow quick and easy access to the moisture probe and environmental sensors.

Pricing Options

Green Line Equipment offers the following flexible purchase options for users of John Deere Field Connect™:
  • Purchase option - Buy the gateway, moisture probe, and additional environmental sensors with installation, service, and removal of hardware by trained and knowledgeable Green Line Equipment Precision Farming Consultants
  • Lease option - Rent Green Line owned equipment with installation, service, and removal by Green Line Equipment Precision Farming Consultants who can assist growers with interpreting all the data provided by John Deere Field Connect™
For the most up-to-date pricing options and any questions, contact your local Green Line Equipment Precision Farming Consultant.
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